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Health and Safety

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff abroad is of primary importance. While we can never guarantee complete safety abroad, we provide resources and tools to assist students and families stay well informed. Both UMass Boston and our approved Study Abroad / Third Party Provider Programs work together in creating resources to assist students, faculty and staff in making decisions that support a healthy, successful experience abroad. Students, faculty and staff are ultimately responsible to assure their own health and safety.

Preparation and information is key to a healthy and safe stay abroad; though unpredictable events occur throughout the world. It is important to keep track of individual health and safety issues, and attend to current conditions while abroad -- weather, worldwide health trends, location-specific, and political factors -- awareness of these matters will help to create a successful experience abroad.

We provide our travelers with general health and safety guidelines, as well as protocols to follow if they run into problems abroad. Some of these materials are provided at UMass Boston pre-departure orientation sessions.

For advice about health and living/studying abroad, go to "Health Issues" and "Safety Abroad" on this website.    

Additional Resources: Health & Safety


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