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Academic Policies

Approval for Study Abroad
Most programs require students to have at least a 2.5 GPA in order to be considered. Some programs have higher GPA requirements. No student currently on academic probation may study abroad. Eligible students must secure approval for off-campus study before leaving UMass Boston and are urged to talk with their faculty advisor as early as possible.  

You must complete a Request for Prior Approval form, in consultation with an academic advisor.

  • Specific course titles and credits should be indicated
  • You, your Department Chair, & the Transfer Credit Evaluator must sign
  • A Coordinator from the Study Abroad office must also sign for final approval
  •  Completed copies must be distributed to the offices specified on the form

    We've created a checklist for the study abroad planning & approval process (download here).

Accreditation and Transfer of Credits

  • For the credit earned to be applied toward UMass Boston degree progress, a grade of C- or higher must be earned in academic work taken off campus.

  • Programs that carry a U.S. accreditation qualify for credit transfer to UMass Boston. Most study abroad programs are sponsored by an American university and therefore carry that institution's accreditation.

    • Direct Enrollment credit transfer must be discussed and approved by a UMass Boston transfer credit evaluator

    • Credits are awarded to your academic record at UMass Boston, but won't affect your GPA

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