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Alternative Study Abroad Providers

Outside providers vary dramatically in terms of the services they offer. Some offer their own programs, with their own courses and curricular expectations. Others offer some of their own programs, but also act as intermediaries -- these programs offer student services for logisitics and planning and advising/support, plus quality control for students who enroll in foreign universities who want more of a cushion, different fields of study, or specific/unique locations that are not offered by UMass Boston's Exchanges.

The providers listed below are recommended providers; we recommend programs based upon past participants' experiences and success, as well as a number of criteria, including cost, reliability, services available for students, and academics. If you find alternative study abroad programs that are not on this list, please meet with a Study Abroad Coordinator, so that we can review your selection.
All costs for alternate programs are paid directly to the programs, themselves; often expenses such as housing, partial board, and additional on-the-ground support are a part of the costs associated with provider programs. Many provider programs offer scholarships to participants.     
** Other names for Study Abroad Providers**
Study Abroad Programs; Consortium(a); Third-Party Providers;
Education Abroad Programs, Providers, Companies, Organizations
University of Massachusetts Boston Study Abroad & International Exchange